1. 2400 farmers adapting /practicing sustainable organic agriculture
  2. Farmers(2400) mobilized into social groups for training
  3. Increased environmental awareness through Farmers Field School Forums
  4. Individual and community empowerment through sustainable agriculture and capacity building
  5. Inspiration sources to policy makers who have called on OACK to contribute in making organic agriculture policy in Kenya
  6. Public adoption to eating organic health food after undergoing training .
  7. Kitchen gardening and bio intensive Agriculture are being practiced in OACK's area of operation to achieve food security.
  8. On farm research trials are being conducted by our farmers, a practice which farmers could not have done before training
  9. Increased food production and security among farmers using composting bio farm wastes and other suitable greens throughout the year.
  10. OACK in partnership with Bio vision Infonet are providing farmers with sustainable agriculture information using computers

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