What we do

  1. Promoting sustainable organic and bio-intensive agriculture.
  2. Mobilizing on community's sustainable demand driven initiative.
  3. Educating communities on sustainable agriculture development and  HIV/AIDS
  4. Empowering youth, women and children in sustainable initiatives
  5. Promoting farm produce and other products to improve and sustain food security,  alleviate poverty and hunger.
  6. Managing and conserving environment and herbal/medicinal plants.
  7. Helping Orphans.
  8. Promoting biodiversity, agro-tourism, care farming, micro enterprise, coping with climate change,  permaculture and protecting wild life.
  9. Gender equality as cross-cutting issue.
  10. Women, children and human rights
  11. Nutrition Education and training

OACK's General Objective

The general objective of OACK's programmes is to improve and sustain household development  and growth through sustainable farming within sound environment and stable ecosystem.Key to OACK''s objective is working towards achieving Millennium Development Goals and Kenya''s Vision 2030 among other achievements.


OACK is governed into a voluntary board of five Directors that include:
  1. Chairman
  2. Vice chairman
  3. Secretary
  4. Vice secretary and
  5. Treasurer
The board is responsible for making  policies and identifying challenges facing sustainable organic and bio-intensive farming and operating of the organization. The board of directors supervises projects in case of deviation from the planned operations. This board has the role to correct the deviated situations and redirect the organization's work in the right way.

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  1. Its good work .. keep up ..we need your service at my area . i have sent you my email family of hope foundation .. our community based organization based in Endebess .

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