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Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya (OACK) is a non-profit public benefit organisation (PBO) based in Kangari town of Muranga county, with a purpose to educate, train and work with disadvantaged small scale farming communities on sustainable organic agriculture in Kenya and especially in Eastern Aberdare agro ecosystem. OACK was founded and registered  in year 2006 as a non –profit Non Governmental Organisation with a mandate to educate and train disadvantaged small scale farmers in sustainable agriculture in Kenya. It was formed as a result of trial project conducted by common interested farmers groups and OACK’s subscribers in 2005.

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During these trials, the two partners found that, there were trends and crisis of continuing population growth and land sub division into small units in the area pressuring on unsustainable resources use and dependence. Evidently, due to these trends and crisis of population increase, the habitat was found to be getting more crowded, more unsustainably exploited and less ecologically stable leading to  food insecurity, poverty, hunger and environmental  vulnerability. Therefore, OACK being a change agent, decided to be working with communities on their  desired initiatives using sustainable organic agriculture approach for their development as it is environmentally friendly and effective in coping with climate change.


This approach operates in harmony with locally available natural resources without use of inputs with adverse effects on healthy and environment. It seeks to promote sustainable practices and actions for development in sound environment to produce health organic foods and other products while conserving natural resources on which production takes place.


OACK’s Vision statement

OACK envisions independent farming communities participating fully in the sustainable economic, ecological and social wellbeing of Murang’a County.

Mission Statement

We are committed to strengthening the nutrition security, health, livelihoods and sustainability of farmers in Kenya through promoting ecological agriculture in Murang’a.
We believe in:

Our Core Values!

Quality work

Creativity & Innovation

Transparency, Honesty & Collaboration

OACK's General Objective

The general objective of OACK’s programmes is to improve and sustain household development  and growth through sustainable farming within sound environment and stable ecosystem.Key to OACK”s objective is working towards achieving Millennium Development Goals and Kenya”s Vision 2030 among other achievements.

Our Achivements


OACK is governed into a voluntary board of Directors

giving out equipments


Organic Farming provides a great opportunity for working as a volunteer for training students to learn all about organic agriculture and appreciate organic farming and wholesome living relying on locally available renewable materials.

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Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya (OACK) is a non-profit public benefit organisation (PBO) based in Kangari town of Muranga county.


Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya P.O BOX 69 – 10218 KANGARI-KENYA

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