About OACK​

Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya

Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya (OACK) is a non-profit public benefit organization (PBO) based in Kangari town of Murang’a County.

OACK was founded and registered in 2006 as a non–profit organization (NGO) with a mandate to educate and train disadvantaged small-scale farmers in sustainable agriculture in Kenya as a result of trial project conducted by common interested farmers groups and OACK’s subscribers in 2005.

Our mission is to educate, train and work with disadvantaged small-scale farming communities on sustainable organic agriculture in Kenya and especially in Eastern Aberdare Agroecosystem.

The general objective of OACK’s programmes is to improve and sustain household development  and growth through sustainable farming within sound environment and stable ecosystem. Key to OACK”s objective is working towards achieving Millennium Development Goals and Kenya”s Vision 2030 among other achievements.

By upholding these core values and working towards its vision and mission, OACK plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability in farming, improving farmers’ livelihoods and contributing to the overall wellbeing of the community in Murang’a and beyond

Our Vision

OACK envisions independent farming communities actively participating in the sustainable economic, ecological and social wellbeing of Murang'a and surrounding Counties.

Mission Statement

OACK is dedicated to enhancing the nutrition security, health, livelihoods and sustainability of farmers in Kenya through promotion of agroecology.

Our Core Values

Our History

In January 2005
Founding of OACK

A group of farmers and OACK subscribers conducted a study on land utilization and population growth in Murang’a County.

During this research, we found that there was a crisis of continued population growth and land subdivision into small units putting pressure on natural and shared resources in an unsustainable manner.

It was observed that the challenges posed by population growth were leading to heightened food insecurity, growth in poverty levels, hunger, and greater vulnerability to the environmental ecosystem.

As a Change Agent...
Working with Communities

OACK being a change agent, started working with communities on multiple initiatives using sustainable organic agriculture approaches to make the most use of the little available land for farming.

We focus on agriculture because it is the most environmentally friendly and effective way of coping with climate change.

Organic farming was a preferred method because it operates in harmony with locally available natural resources without the use of inputs with adverse effects on health and the environment.

Into the Future
OACK Focus

We continue to work with local farmers and community leaders to promote sustainable practices and actions for development in a sound environment to produce healthy organic foods and other products that are ecologically friendly and contribute to the conservation of the world and its natural resources.

OACK Membership

OACK is of the opinion that no one can succeed by working in isolation and therefore believes in cross-learning, the power of collaboration and creating synergies to achieve its goals and create impact in the community.

In this regard OACK has subscribed to the following membership organizations.

Kenya Organic Agriculture Network

Angaza Stay Alliance Kenya

Participatory Ecological Land Use Management Pelum

Biodiversity And Biosafety Association

Schools and Colleges Permaculture Kenya

Murang’a Agroecology Multi stakeholders Forum