Outreach & Grounding Agroecology

Disseminating information, knowledge and skills.

This is designed to work with the farmers in disseminating information, knowledge and skills to the communities, stakeholders and the school going youth. We communicate the ecological and economically viable and sustainable ways to increase food production and combat malnutrition.

This includes forming a platform for experiential learning through discussions, practical lessons and information exchange depending on needs assessment and sensitization on special relevant topics and general trends. This is instrumental in working with producers through their institutions to earn ethics and sustainability in managing their lands and natural resources.

On the other hand, it will change the attitude for better on the part of the school pupils empowering them to participate in development of livelihoods through agriculture in future.

Capacity Building

Educating communities on sustainable agriculture development.
Our training is focused on organic agriculture in Kenya. We help farmers develop an understanding of organic soil, opportunities around organic farming and how to handle the challenges to ensure food sustainability.

We empower farmers to transition from relying on Agrochemicals to safer and more sustainable options.

Nutrition Education

We conduct Nutrition Education and training to help members make informed decisions about the foods they eat while observing nutrient-rich foods and beverages, and how to create a healthy diet that meets their individual needs.

Ecological Pest Management

OACK works with farmers to help them focus on preventive approaches to pest management.

This encompasses use of best practices:

  • Cultural,
  • Physical and
  • Biological in agricultural production including increasing biodiversity and creating habitat for natural enemies.

The aim of this is to reduce or eliminate use of hazardous chemical pesticides in food production.

Consultancy Services

OACK is dedicated in helping other interested parties practice agroecology and protect the environment at an affordable fee.

Through our consultancy, we offer expert guidance on a wide range of topics including:

🥬Crop management,
🥬 Soil health,
🥬 Water conservation,
🥬Livestock care,
🥬Postharvest handling, and
🥬Market access.

Our consultation services are tailored to meet the needs of commercial farms, Cooperatives, County Government to implement Agroecology and NGOs.

Our consultation prioritize practical solutions that foster knowledge exchange, innovation, inclusivity, capacity building, and the adoption of best practices that promote resilience and sustainability across the agricultural sector.

Access to Bio Inputs by Farmers

We are committed to contribute significantly in solving accessibility of ecologically sound inputs in crop and livestock management. This is because there has always been a gap in knowing and identifying the right, safe inputs in organic agriculture especially for those producing for the market and exports.

The agroecology trend has now extended the demands to the major cash crops such as tea and coffee where the growers must observe some set standards. Through this, we develop and do trials with the farmers as well as distributing products that help in soil fertility build up and plant feeding, disease and pest management which will make the farmers have choices besides own preparations.

Part of this is providing for use through our affiliate company, Organic Kenya Limited:

  • The Black Gold organic fertilizer for basal application and top dressing,
  • Organic multipurpose wonder folia,
  • Organic multipurpose soil conditioner for sprays and
  • Neelex, a herbal dewormer for livestock.