Economic Security

Wealth: Livestock and Value Chain Addition Development

Small Livestock Project

OACK considers that small livestock are a better means to livelihoods improvement for the rural and sub-urban smallholders. This is because they need less capital and space, feeds, medical inputs and have easy decisions around them even for women and youth. They also contribute immensely to good nutrition, income and good quality manure. These includes rabbits, poultry and dairy goats.

Value Addition and High Value Crops (Herbs) Project

For farmers to benefit and earn more, they need to process and package in order to improve nutrition, fetch higher prices and reduce post-harvest losses

Value Chains Development

OACK works with farmers to develop efficient agroecology value chains such as in assorted vegetables, root crops, avocado and other fruits, herbs and cereals. This involves producing high quality products and create demand for them as well as improve market placement for easy access by the consumers.

Project for Enhancing Livelihoods for Coffee Growing Areas

OACK jointly with COSDEP, RODI-Kenya and YARD are working in collaboration to improve the livelihoods for coffee growers in Gatanga and Githunguri Sub Counties in Murang’a and Kiambu respectively.

Group Saving Loaning Structures

Restricted access to credit by smallholder farmers especially women and the youth makes it difficult for them to invest in agricultural enterprises.

This project provides a financial inclusive system for the youth and smallholder farmers through establishment of village savings and loaning structures (GSL) also known as table banking.

This includes building capacity and sharing knowledge on personal finance management and improves access to affordable and flexible credit as opposed to the exploitive loans from the other financiers.