Collaborating Partners‚Äč

Our Valuable Funding, Collaborative & Implementing Partners

OACK is governed by a Board of Directors whose background is diverse spanning business, public policy, education, communications and law.

The Board is responsible for making policies and identifying challenges facing sustainable organic and bio-intensive farming and operating of the organization.

The Board of Directors supervises projects in case of deviation from the organization’s mission. The Board has the role of correcting the deviations in the mission and vision and redirecting the organization’s focus to the defined objectives.

Funding partners ‚Äč

OACK is of the opinion that no one can succeed by working in isolation and therefore believes in cross-learning, the power of collaboration and creating synergies to achieve its goals and create impact in the community.

In this regard OACK has subscribed to the following membership organizations.

Collaborative & Implementing Partners

OACK works the the following partners in various projects as outlined below

2. Research

3. School programme

4. Agroecology Policy, ACT and Implementation