Environmental Stewardship

Green Energy, Renewable Energy & Water Harvesting

Greening Project

Planting of trees through agroforestry, (a)forestation and rehabilitation of degraded areas

Renewable Energy Project

Creating awareness and encouraging conserving of energy and use of green energy by increasing access and use of improved cook stoves (jikos).

Integrated Watershed Management

This is a joint project with stakeholders initially to support livelihoods for the tea farmers and then conserve the Aberdares ecosystem as the watershed for millions of people in cities and areas downstream.

Water Harvesting Project

This incorporates reduce soil erosion from runoff, increase water percolation and store for use during the dry periods for domestic and irrigation while protecting riparian areas.

Due to the currently prevalent weather unpredictability with extremes, sometimes prolonged drought or excess rainfall, there is a need to look for ways of sustaining water availability both for domestic use and in the soil to ensure continuous production.

This has led to development of water harvesting sensitivity where farmers are encouraged and taught on how to safely harvest water during rainy times to stay longer in the soil and for other uses. This is through use good agricultural practices and storage such as installation of water pans and metal mound tanks and cultivation of upland arrow roots.