Cow Pat Pit

Some farmers from Kiranga group in Murang’a doing practical on Cow Pat Pit (C.P.P).

Preparing the Soil

Organic farming is a type of agriculture that relies on natural processes, rather than the use of artificial chemicals, to enhance the fertility of the land. This means working with the natural systems that exist in the soil, rather than against them. One of the key principles of organic farming is that the land should […]

Water Pan Installation

Farmers install Janet’s water pan. The lining material and installation was supported by OACK in October and November.

Gatare Forest Meeting

 OACK Director, IWAMA –DIFE project officer in a meeting with the Forester –Gatare forest and Gatare forest CFA leaders on 6th December 2022

Apichi Event

Lawrence Gitonga in (grey) leading youth in     practical on Apichi – a bio pesticide and a stimulant

Lucy Wanja Kitchen Garden

Lucy Wanja from Kiganjo showing her kitchen garden as a result of using bio input compost manure and bio slurry.