Farmers Exchange Visits

MS Janet Waweru, A farmers at Murang’a training other farmers from western region (Welt Hunger) of Kenya during an exchange visit to OACK on June2023 OACK has actively encouraged farmers exchange visit to other farms in order to learn from the practices done by other farmers. This aids much in making sure that everyone is […]

Promotion of BIO-inputs

OACK has been advocating for affordable inputs that every farmer can be able to produce at their farms. we train farmers both at the center and at their farms in order ensure the quality of the produce is maintained and the practices are implemented by most farmers. Some of the bio-inputs being trained at the […]

An Organic Outlet selling Bio-inputs.

We make sure that inputs are locally available for farmers who requires ready made products at their disposal. this is by having outlets where supplies are stocked at various points.

Herbs and Spices Value Addition

OACK farmers showcasing their value-added herbs and spices during Murang’a County Agro-ecology bill launch. OACK has promoted the value addition of the herbs and spices to increase their value as well as rising the income for the farmers. Herbs and spices play a major role in health management for the users.