Upland arrow roots harvesting

Mr. Harrison Kihara members of Baraka group from Mairi village harvesting his upland arrow roots. Photo by David Karanja.

Githumu field day

Mr. Samuel Maina in green dust coat showcasing different variety of seeds and training farmers on importance of seeds saving during field day at a Githumu. photo by J.N. Muturi.

Black Gold, certified organic fertilizer.

In order to ensure the availability and affordability of the organic inputs, we support production and distribution of organic fertilizer available for all farmers which is suitable for all crops for planting and top dressing.

Agro-Ecology Advocacy

Deputy Governor, Murang‚Äôa County (centre) being taken through the organic production system by Duncan from OACK during the Agro-ecology bill launch. OACK participated in the process of formulation of Agro-ecology act for the county. We were actively involved in the whole process and even during the launching of the Agro-ecology act. This is aimed at […]

Bokashi-Farmed Spinach

Mr. and Mrs. Kimani from Githumu village weeding their spinach which they planted using the Bocashi

Market Space Meeting

Group photo of participants during an advocacy on marketing space meeting at the county Headquarters on 14th December2022.

Field Day Event

Dr. Lusilwa Wasike of KARLO address the participants during the field day on 30th November.