Enhance the ecological balance and biodiversity of the farm and wider countryside

Lets create an environmentally socially and economically sustainable world

Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.

Organic farming

We practise and teach organic and biointensive agriculture which is sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of farming. Both are lowinput, highyield methods of agriculture that do not rely on synthetic fertilizers or pesticides

Alleviating poverty and Hunger

We support farmers who use organic farming by creating market for organic farm products. We also educate community on the need of sustainable farming. This is done through workshops, seminars, and other educational events.

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education and training helps members make informed decisions about the foods they eat, while observing nutrient-rich foods and beverages, and how to create a healthy diet that meets their individual needs.

Promoting biodiversity

Agrotourism, care farming, micro enterprise, coping with climate change, permaculture and protecting wild life are all important aspects of sustainable agriculture which is production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare

Environment conservation

We do Organic environmental conservation by protecting the natural environment and using organic materials, soils and water to create a healthy environment.

Demand driven initiatives

Most effective demand driven initiatives are tailored to the specific needs and goals of the organization implementing them. some common elements of successful demand driven initiatives include clear and achievable objectives, strong leadership.

Successful farm research

On farm research trials are being conducted by our farmers, a practice which farmers could not have done before training

Community Empowerment

There has been individual and community empowerment through sustainable agriculture and capacity building

Successful Gardening

Kitchen gardening and bio intensive Agriculture are being practiced in OACK’s area of operation to achieve food security.

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Looking to do Organic Farming?

There are many reasons to OACK. Firstly,  OACK is typically run by experienced members who have a deep knowledge of organic farming practices. Secondly, OACK often have strict standards in place to ensure that their products are of the highest quality.

Why GO organic with OACK

Most sustainable healthiest way to farm!

Organic farming is a type of agriculture that relies on natural processes, rather than the use of synthetic inputs, such as chemicals, to grow crops and raise livestock. There are many reason for all of us to go organic way.

Environmentally Friendly

Organic farming is environmentally friendly because it does not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers that are likely to pollute the environment.

Preserve biodiversity

Biodiversity is often improved under organic management, making organic farms more resilient to environmental stresses.

Natural Processes

Organic farming is a type of agriculture that relies on natural processes to enhance crop production, rather than the use of synthetic inputs. Crop rotation, companion planting, and the use of cover crops are common organic farming.

Soil Enrichment

Organic farmers often enrich their soil with compost, manure, and other organic matter to improve its fertility and structure. This helps to provide essential nutrients for plants, improve drainage, and increase the soils ability to hold water.

The Ultimate Retreat

Benefits of Organic Farming

Let us resolve to go green

Resources for Farming

Go green, go natural....we love to help you!

Organic farmers use a variety of techniques to improve their soil and crops, including crop rotation, cover crops, green manures, composting, and biological pest control. Oack is dedicated towards educating farmers about organic farmin.  There are many ways to go about providing this training. One option is to offer courses or workshops at local universities or agricultural extension offices

  • Healthier way to produce food
  • Better for the environment.
  • More sustainable
  • Eat healthy
  • Supports local economies
  • More humane way to produce food.








Let us bring back a green Earth!

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